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O 1. fe80::2420:6e35:589:63fe » ff02::1:2 dhcpv6 Solicit XID: 0xdf372f CID: 0001000121697673080027166659
O 2. fe80::d5ab:4282:2821:36ab » ff02::1:2 dhcpv6 Solicit XID: 0x4c0105 CID: 00010001216987c50800277fb58b
O 3. » dns Standard query A wpad.contoso.local
O 4. » dns Standard query response, No such name
O 5. fe80::d5ab:4282:2821:36ab » ff02::1:3 llmnr Standard query A wpad

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  • Extract embedded HTTP content
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