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O 1. » browser Become Backup Browser
O 2. 08:00:27:7f:b5:8b » ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff arp Who has Tell
O 3. 08:00:27:a1:27:e8 » 08:00:27:7f:b5:8b arp is at 08:00:27:a1:27:e8
O 4. » tcp 49238 > 445 [SYN] Seq=0 Win=8192 Len=0 MSS=1460 WS=2 SACK_PERM=1
O 5. 08:00:27:a1:27:e8 » ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff arp Who has Tell

Here are some of things that registered users can do with this pcap:

  • Reorder packets
  • Fragment packets
  • Reassemble TCP streams
  • Rewrite TCP streams (over IPv4 and IPv6)
  • Extract embedded HTTP content
  • Convert any packet into a DoS generator