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O 1. 2001:ffff:ffff:300::1 » 2001:da8:202:108::1 nat-pmp Map UDP Request
O 2. 2001:da8:202:108::1 » 2001:ffff:ffff:300::1 icmpv6 Unreachable (Port unreachable)
O 3. fe80::b844:1dff:feea:fe13 » 2001:ffff:ffff:300::2 icmpv6 Neighbor solicitation
O 4. 2001:ffff:ffff:300::2 » fe80::b844:1dff:feea:fe13 icmpv6 Neighbor advertisement
O 5. fe80::baac:6fff:feac:a1fe » 2001:ffff:ffff:300::1 icmpv6 Neighbor solicitation

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