Interactive Application Protocol Playground

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Check out this interactive tutorial on MuSL where you can experiment with snippets crafting messages of various application protocols Tutorial
Find out how you can apply MuSL to specific types of testing in various domains including DPI and Voice Testing

For more information on how Mu Studio can help with your Functional, Fuzz and Scale Testing, contact us and we'll get back to you.

What is MuSL?

MuSL (Mu Scenario Language) is a canonical Domain Specific Language that we use in Mu Studio to represent complex transactions between multiple hosts using multiple transports and layers. The language itself borrows constructs from numerous languages and was designed to be protocol friendly.

Functional Testing

Functional testing, especially with a parametrized scenario, involves executing each test case one at a time to identify failures, if any and reporting on it. Studio Verify enables you to execute MuSL for functional testing.

Fuzz Testing

Fuzz Testing is a software testing technique that provides invalid, unexpected or random data to the inputs of a program. Studio Fuzz automatically generates 100's of 1000's of negative test cases from MuSL.

Scale Testing

Studio Scale enables you to take the exact same MuSL transaction and run them concurrently so you can simulate 100's of 1000's of users or flows.